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The English Language & Literature Department has a staff strength of 14 trained teachers. The department is led by Mrs. Firdouse-Dalina Abdullah as Head of Department and by Mr Muhammad Haekal as Subject Head of English Language. 


Mrs Firdouse-Dalina Abdullah
HOD / English Language and Literature
Mr Muhammad Haekal bin Mohamed Taib
SH / English Language
 Ms Maria Concepcion Gumban Baluyut
Literarture Coordinator [S1-4]
 Ms Koh Shiu Ling Nerissakoh_shiu_ling@moe.edu.sg 
 Ms Nur Hidayah Boharinur_hidayah_bohari@moe.edu.sg
 Ms Soh Jia Mei Keziasoh_jia_mei_kezia@moe.edu.sg 
 Ms Klara Tan Hui Wentan_hui_wen_klara@moe.edu.sg 
 Mr Faiz Bin Roslimuhammad_faiz_rosli@moe.edu.sg  
 Mrs Tan Chin Yih Emillinetan_chin_yih_emilline@moe.edu.sg 
 Ms Siti Farhana Binte Ghufran siti_farhana_ghufran@moe.edu.sg 


With a strong emphasis on the 21st century competencies, The English Language and Literature Department has the vision of developing Greenridgeans to be ‘Dynamic Thinkers, Inspiring Leaders and Contributing Citizens’ who strive to learn as a community and are proficient, empathetic communicators.

To realise this vision, our department focuses on developing the students’ aptitudes in the productive skills (speaking, writing, representing, receptive skills (Listening, Viewing and Reading). We also strengthen students' knowledge about language through the focus on Grammar and Vocabulary which are the building blocks for the application of the receptive and productive skills for effective communication.


Differentiation and Collaboration in the EL Classroom

GSS teachers strive to cater to the diverse learning needs and interests of our students through differentiated instruction. This enables us to engage our leaners to enable their success across the domains of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

The curriculum design for our language classroom also caters to collaborative learning and inquiry through dialogue. These highly interactive approaches enable students to apply their language skills from the various domains (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) as they navigate through their assigned tasks simulating authentic experiences they can apply in the future.

Fostering Deeper Appreciation for Language

The EL and Literature Department seeks to cultivate in students a deeper appreciation for language through enrichment programmes, debates and panel discussions. These fun learning activities make language learning joyful and meaningful to Greenridgeans. 



Engaging in a dialogue with Playwright Haresh Sharma on ‘Off Centre’.

Literary Debating Team's Win at National School Literature Festival

Secondary 2 Students with their Winning Book Parade Entry at the National Schools Literature Festival.