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Student Development

The Character and Citizenship Education (Student Development) Department has a staff strength of 15 teachers. The department is led by Ms Julie Tan as Head of Department/CCE.

Description of Department Programmes

Student Development

In GSS, we believe that every Greenridgean must be equipped with a sound moral compass to help him/her in decision making as well as in the way they conduct themselves every day.

Our programmes are aligned with the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Framework where all SE competencies are anchored at the “HEART” of the school core values, PRIDE, namely Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Diligence and Empathy.

In order to impact our pupils through values inculcation and the acquisition of life skills, our Student Development Committee introduces programmes and activities so as to expand our pupils’ view of life, enlarge their repertoire of coping resources and hence help them make choices so as to impact a change within themselves, their surrounding situations and environment without imposing any discomforts to self and/or others.


The purpose of counselling in GSS is not just to support the social emotional, behavioral and learning difficulties of pupils in GSS. We aim to realise the school’s mission, vision and values so that every pupil is a positive individual with strength of character.

The Student Development Committee together with the Student Management Committee will monitor the behaviour and conduct of our pupils together. Each in their respective capacity will proactively explore programmes and activities to help develop effective Greenridgeans with good moral compass and strength of character. Proactive implementation of intervention programmes will be strategic and purposeful. The approach to any intervention is likely to be multi-pronged so as to help our challenged pupils manage their social and emotional challenges effectively.

Career Guidance

Our Career guidance program aims to help pupils in the development of attitudes, skills and self-knowledge that will provide them with the capability to explore, understand and make informed decisions with regard to their own potential and prospective careers.

Programmes to support Career Guidance in GSS currently

  • Career Education Lessons
  • Visits to Educational Institutions / Industry / Organisations
  • Career Exhibitions / Educational Fairs
  • Career Workshops

CCE Lessons

We have holistic character education lessons where lessons on Civics and Moral Education, sexuality education, career guidance, and cyberwellness are taught.

Curricula Program (3 periods every fortnight for CME and CE respectively):

  • Civics and Moral Education
  • Citizenship Education

Lifeskills Enrichment Programme

Level – wide workshops, each with a different learning outcome is planned for the different levels so as to ensure a holistic development for Greenridgeans.

Secondary 1 : Learning Styles Workshop

Secondary 2 : Career Guidance Workshop

Secondary 4 & 5 : Study Skills Workshop

School Family Education

The School Family Education (SFE) programme helps empower and equip parents to build strong family ties. Through enriching workshops, activities and resources, parents can learn how to build healthy communication with their children and nurture positive relationships within the family. SFE also allows parents to interact with the teachers and other parents in the school to share tips and get advice on family and parenting issues.