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Values In Action


To Train a core group of NE Ambassadors  who are

  • Active citizens of Singapore
    • Active citizens are concerned citizens anchored in sound values and who exhibit a sense of national identity(school vision)
    • Active citizens have empathy towards others and will participate responsibly and sensibly in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society (SS objective)
    • While the objective is aligned with the Social Studies syllabus objective, the Ambassador program seeks to differentiate from the SS syllabus by focusing more on interaction and harmony instead of economic and defense policy of Singapore
    • Development of active citizens also lead to the cultivation of national instincts among students
      • Awareness of facts, circumstances and opportunities facing Singapore, so that they will be able to make decisions for their future with conviction and realism
      • Sense of emotional belonging and commitment to the community and nation through having their opinions reflected in NE events
  • Able to influence their class and school mates to become active citizens of singapore
    • Sec 1: Create and maintain class NE spirit
    • Sec 2: Classroom mediation
    • Sec 3: Mentor new Sec1 NE ambassadors
  • Capable of planning and facilitating school-based National Education events
    • Sec 1: Provide input for school NE programme
    • Sec 2: Facilitate school NE programme
    • Sec 3: Lead the implementation of 1 school NE programme

Our NE Ambassadors 2012

Name Class Name Class
Justin Lim Minghan  4/6  Emily Leong Shi Ying 3/6
Lim Kiat Wei  3/5  Danny Chiam 3/7
Vivian Lim You Mian  3/5  Lee Yek Cheong 3/6
Faith Koh Jun Ning  3/5  Attiya Shawkat 3/5
Hidayah Nabillah  3/8  Nur Nabihah 3/5



The NE Ambassadors and Champions played an integral role in the planning and execution of the Core NE events in the school. Other than brainstorming ideas for the events, they also took up the key roles in the smooth running of the event through tasks such as researching questions for the Total Defence Day game show and recording of videos for National Day.

The Ambassadors and Champions also represented the school in various external events in the cluster and in the community.