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NE Events

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NE Committee organizes four core events annually for students to celebrate and commemorate significant events that happened in Singapore



NE_Learning-Journey_LabPark1.jpg NE_Learning-Journey_LabPark2.jpg Every year, the Humanities Department, together with the Character and Citizenship Education committee co-organise a Learning Journey for students for all levels. On the 17th of March this year, our Secondary 2 students embarked on theirs at Labrador Park which is both a nature reserve and a preserved war site. In this Learning Journey, students, using a mobile device, participated in various trails around park. The trails encompassed components of both the History and Geography syllabuses. Students learned key coastal defences put up by the British in an effort to protect Singapore against the Japanese. Students also studied the physical environment and processes of the park and its effect on people. Whilst the students had to put up with the rain towards the end of the trip, their enthusiasm was heartwarming. Students stated they enjoyed using maps to navigate around the park and were fascinated by the role of the park in the History of Singapore. They also highlighted that it was fun collaborating with their team members when working on tasks during the trails. Overall, it was an enriching trip for both the staff and students.

Total Defence Day


Total Defence Day - 01

Total Defence Day - 02Total Defence Day - 03

Every year, Greenridge Secondary School commemorates Total Defence Day by fostering commitment to Singapore’s defence in both staff and students. 

In February 2018, Greenridge Secondary Singapore commemorated Total Defence Day with a week-long programme filled with different activities. The lower Secondary classes played the Guardians of the City Card Game as part of their Character and Citizenship Education lesson. Through the game, the students learnt about the importance of every pillar of total defecnce. On the other hand, the upper Secondary classes participated in a debate on National Service. This was supplemented by NEmation videos and some readings. The students were also treated to pre-filmed skits put up by some students where all five aspects of Total Defence were explored. The skit aims to instil in students practices that they can carry out to contribute to Singapore’s defence and well-being.  In addition, the students had a glimpse of what NS was like for two of our teachers – Mr Kamal and Mr John Goh. Our teacher heroes also shared their views on why NS is important, even today.

International Friendship Day


Purpose: To increase students’ awareness and understanding of the culture of other countries Three events were organised to celebrate International Friendship Day: the World Exhibition day, World Cuisine day and an assembly programme on International Friendship Day. All classes were assigned different countries for exhibition on the World Exhibition day, and students put in their effort to decorate their classroom with information and significant representation of the assigned country. This event bonded each class together and enables the students to find out more about the other countries’ culture and tradition.   On World Cuisine day, representatives from each class were the chefs for the day as they did not only learn about some of the famous dishes in the world; they were given an opportunity to prepare the dishes themselves. 2012_Core NE Events_IFD_1                   1/3 world exhibition on Cambodia               2012_Core NE Events_IFD_2
                  Students busy preparing the cuisine.


Racial Harmony Day


Purpose: Commemorate RHD, giving our students an opportunity to understand and appreciate the different facets of our multi-ethnic society and to facilitate cultural integration. The NE committee had three activities to commemorate RHD. The first was the ethnic-wear Fashion Parade. Next was getting the students to learn traditional games during PE lessons and lastly, traditional food were sold in the canteen for the week.   Through the ethnic-wear Fashion Parade put up by the different houses, the students learnt the significance and origin of the costumes. And the introduction to the traditional games and food also helped to facilitate integration among the students. It highlighted the fact that despite the different ethnic and cultural origins of the games and food, they were still able to bring Singaporeans together as one.

2012_Core NE Events_RHD_1 Students playing Chaptek.

2012_Core NE Events_RHD_2 Students presenting their fashion parade

National Day

Purpose: This year, Greenridge adopted the NDP theme ‘Loving Singapore, Our Home’. We hoped that through the activities, Greenridgeans can pause and reflect on why they love Singapore and discover their love for their nation and home. For this year’s National Day celebration, we started off with the parade and the recollection, where the uniform groups marched into the parade square early in the morning with a sense of awe and pride. After that, the students had inter-house games where they get to play many different traditional games. Lastly, the celebration ended with the concert where the students had the NDP sing-a-long competition and the performance by the 2012 battle of the band champions. The students portrayed their love and pride for the nation as they sang enthusiastically during the sing-a-long competition.

2012_Core NE Events_NDP1 Parade Commander

2012_Core NE Events_NDP2 Parade Inspection by GOH

2012_Core NE Events_NDP3 Sing-a-long competition during the concert