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Description of Singapore’s Service Industry

Singapore’s service industry is one of the main source for the country’s growth. As Singapore is small in size, we do not have natural resources that the country can rely on for the growth in the economy. We have to rely on the service industry as the only resource that the country has is population. Tourism, business and financial service sector contributes greatly to the growth in the economy of Singapore. We are constantly seeking to increase our service industry standards to match globalised standards so as to attract greater growth for the country, especially from its tourism sector of the service industry.


Interesting Facts

  • In total, Singapore has approximately 170 hotels that provide their service to the tourism industry which is also part of the service industry.
  • In the 1990s, Singapore reinvented itself as Asia’s convention city. In 1996, our country hosted 4,795 international and regional conventions with more than 426,000 foreign participants. According to the Union des Associations Internationales, Singapore ranks seventh among the world’s major convention cities.
  • In 2011, the government announced an S$84 million investment in an initiative to make our tourism industry more customer-centric.


Reflection Questions

  • Are you interested in joining the service industry?
  • What kind of impact does the service industry have on the economy of Singapore?
  • With the huge amount of investment pumped into the service industry, what results have there been?


Links to more info

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