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Mother Theresa


  • Mother Teresa was committed to spread her love in humanity by contributing her services to the community selflessly such as helping the poor and sick. How have you done your part to spread the love?
  • What is the most memorable act that you have done to make someone happy through a sacrifice?


Thinking Questions

  • According to Mother Teresa, ”One of the greatest disease is to be nobody to anybody.” What do you think she meant?
  • Poverty is usually associated with being hungry, penniless and homeless. Mother Teresa mentioned poverty of love as the greatest poverty. In your opinion, why do you think she said so? What are the consequences of being uncared and unwanted?


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 More Facts

  • Mother Teresa told Princess Diana that in order to heal other people you must suffer yourself.
  • Mother Teresa’s sari (outfit) only cost $1.00. It was really simple.
  • When Mother Teresa traveled in airplanes, she collected leftover food from people on the plane and gave it to the poor and hungry.
  • Mother Teresa was the smallest nun in her convent.  She was 5’ tall.



 Mother Teresa 1


 Mother Teresa 2
US postal service issues a Mother Teresa stamp