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C Kunalan


  • Do you have any personal target that you aspire to? How much effort have you put into meeting that personal target?


Quiz Questions

(1)  Why do you think Singapore honours our athletes for their achievements?


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More interesting facts

Kunalan’s first love was actually soccer and not running. He was first discovered by Tan Eng Yoon who became his coach when he was studying at the old Teachers’ Training College. Kunalan was then involved in Singapore Teachers’ Union soccer team and Tan Eng Yoon, who was the national coach then, noticed a potential when he saw Kunalan exhibited raw speed and quick cadence when he was playing soccer. Tan was able to persuade Kunalan to switch sports and immediately he saw results.


“As a kid I was very easygoing, playful and not too interested in my studies. I failed all the time and that broke my parents’ hearts. There were so many other things to do that were more important than homework, like exploring drains and catching the fish in them.”


“I  was always barefooted, and ran errands for the house. I used to time myself with the wall clock whenever my father sent me to post letters for him. The postbox was some distance away, but I found this challenging.”

“You won’t see my medals at home . I donated the important ones—a SEA Games gold medal, the 1966 Asian Games silver medal and the Sportsman of the Year awards (years 1968-69)—to the Sports Museum. For me, that’s more meaningful because there will be other pairs of eyes looking at them, and not just mine.”


C Kunalan
C Kunalan’s primary three class photo in 1951. Kunalan, who was from Pasir Panjang English School, is the boy standing between the principal and teacher wearing a floral cheongsam.