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Greenridge Internationalization Program


In the globalised world, there is an increasing need for Singaporeans to possess a global outlook and operate within multi-national settings. Such a global outlook is best developed from a young age. The provision of overseas immersion by schools would therefore be key to developing this global outlook.

In Greenridge, our objectives of Internationalization Programmes are:

  • To realise the school’s vision of developing their 21st Century Competency, to be gracious and dynamic global  citizens 
  • To expose teachers and students to the globalized world and help them be better informed about the impacts of globalization 
  • To deepen commitment and rootedness to Singapore


Greenridge Secondary School (GSS) provides cultural immersion experiences through overseas learning journey trips as an integral part of the school’s educational programme for identified students, as well as fostering partnership opportunities by hosting international guests.

For 2019, the proposed trips are:

Proposed TripsObjectivesLocation
Environmental Awareness

- Gain insights on environmental 
  issues concerning deforestation 
  and pollution along the coasts  
  through partnership and 

- Develop an appreciation of the     
  environmental issues that affect
  Singapore’s water supply

- Conduct a Values in Action (VIA) 
  programme with a local primary 

Malaysia (Johor)
Leadership Development
- Develop an understanding of the
  local culture through partnership
  and exchange

- Develop empathy for others

- Develop leadership skills through
  organising and conducting sports
  and cultural activities with
  students of partner school

Thailand (Chiang Mai)
 Cultural Immersion
- Learn values through the
  appreciation of different art forms
  in China and through a sharing
  session by a local school

- Learn about the culture of China
  and the history of the Chinese
  Language through interaction
  with students from partner school

China (Xi’An) 


At the end of each overseas learning journey trip, both students and teachers have gained a broader perspective of the world, and are able to better understand some of the challenges faced by Singapore in the midst of growing competition from other countries. 
Students have also gained valuable life skills and experiences, from their interactions with overseas guests as well as learning about the culture and heritage of the various places of interests