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National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC)


The Corps has grown in numbers and substance. Its popularity amongst our youths is largely attributed to its stature as the only uniformed youth organisation to enjoy close affiliation with the Singapore Police Force. 

Outgoing and resilient cadets are developed over four or five years of carefully planned programmes. At the end of each year, cadets would have gone through various milestone training programmes, which equip them with the necessary skills and values. Cadets are also given opportunities to take part in various enrichment activities, e.g. kayaking course. 


2016NPCC Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2016 (Gold Award)
    SPF-NPCC Award (SI Chua Ming Chuan)
 NPCC Inter-Unit .22 Revolver Shooting Competition Individual Girls Category (CPL Nur Farisha Zulkifli, 8th Position)
 NPCC Inter-Unit Drills Competition (48th position out of 133 participating units nationwide)
 Area 20 Games Day Zhenghua Speed-Climb Challenge (Girls Champion)
 Area 19 Games Day Powerball (3rd Position)

NPCC Activities


Boys and girls.


Mr Goh Kee Lee
(Teacher In-Charge)
Ms Raudhah Bte Jumat raudhah_jumat@moe.edu.sg
Ms Ng Jia Ling, Christine
Mr Chui Fook Weng chui_fook_weng@moe.edu.sg
 Ms See Rui Yinsee_rui_yin@moe.edu.sg 



Year 1

Cadets are familiarised with the history of NPCC and the Singapore Police Force (SPF). They are also exposed to programmes to develop their campcraft skills and foot drills.


1. Police Knowledge Proficiency course 
2. Police Heritage Centre visit 
3. School Unit camp 
4. Road Safety course 
5. Campcraft skills


Year 2

Cadets get their first opportunity to fire a revolver at the Home Team Academy range. Cadets also attend the Adventure Training Camp at Pulau Ubin, to be exposed to outdoor adventure. They consolidate and refine their campcraft skills and foot drills, and are exposed to baton and rifle drills.


1. Anti-Narcotics Course (SANA) 
2. Weapons Training (.22 Revolver) 
3. Community Safety & Security Programme 
4. Civil Defence course 
5. Neighbourhood Police Centre visit


Year 3

Cadets are given opportunities to develop their leadership and mentoring skills as they now hold their responsibilities as cadet leaders. They are exposed to outdoor elements at the Survival Training Camp. Cadets also reach out to the community to raise awareness on crime prevention through the Community Safety & Security Programme.


1. Survival Training Camp at Camp Resilience 
2. Homefront Security course 
3. Leadership & Mentoring Skills Course (LMSC) 
4. Weapons Training (.22 Revolver) 
5. Police Youth Ambassador Programme 
6. Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) 
7. Home Team Gallery visit

Year 4 / 5

Cadets hone their leadership skills and plan training activities for the unit, together with the teacher officers and cadet inspectors.


One of the platforms for cadets and members of NPCC to interact is through competitions such as Inter-Unit Campcraft Competition and Inter-unit X-Challenge Competition. The spirit of competitions is not only to win the awards, but more importantly, to foster Esprit-de-Corps and to share best practices among the members.

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Venue: Classroom Block, Parade Square, Behind D&T Block

                    3.30pm to 6.00pm
                    2.30pm to 5.00pm

Practice time may be adjusted according to programme for the day *such as from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm.