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Engaging Visitors from Hang Zhou Yang Middle School, China


On the 9th of July, Greenridge Secondary welcomed a group of 27 students and 5 teachers from Hang Zhou Chang Yang Middle School [杭州市长阳中学]. The exchange program saw students from China experience a typical day in a secondary school classroom as they sat through lessons with their secondary 2 & 3 counterparts.

The team of teachers from China, expressed much appreciation for the opportunity to engage both their staff and students in a meaningful cultural and educational exchange program. 

Discovering GSS’s rich history at the GSS Heritage Gallery

At Greenridge secondary we believe these exchange programs enable our students to build cultural awareness and sensitivity as they interact with students from another Country. It also provides them an opportunity to share about Singapore and our unique cultures with their contemporaries in the region.


Our Senior Teacher conducting and orientation session for our guests