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Parents Connect Updates

Parents! Sign up for Family Matters Parenting Seminar on 13 May


Join us on 13 May for our 2nd Parenting Seminar on the theme of empowering your teen. For this session, you will gain insights on ways to build your child’s inner mental strength and help them develop skills to face challenges in life.

The first seminar on Connecting with our teens has been well received and here are some comments from the parents who attended.

“I've attended parenting talks before but this is the best and the take home value is very high.” Joanne, Parent of Sec 2 teen

“A very spontaneous and beneficial parenting talk.” Zainon, parent of Sec 3 teen

Sign up for our 2nd Seminar by clicking on the following link. https://goo.gl/forms/Vobps0yXJSHC5hzo2

Parents! Join the Greenridge family for Bright Spots @ North West on 26 May

In collaboration with Northwest CDC, the entire Greenridgeans family will embark on a Care-for-the Environment effort on the morning of 26 May. Do join us in this meaningful endeavour to keep our estate clean while also playing a part in shaping our Greenridgeans into responsible and contributing members of society.

Sign up for Bright Spots @ North West by clicking on the following link.