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GSS Parent Connect


The GSS Parent Connect aims to build a supportive community of parents to strengthen Home-School collaboration and promote Parent-Child bonding through a variety of programmes and events for 2018. We look forward to your participation in the following upcoming programmes and events:

Family Matters Parenting Seminars

This is a series of parenting seminars supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. These seminars aim to provide parents with valuable insights to more effective parenting strategies on a range of topics from effective communication with teenagers to walking with them through the stressors of academic rigour. Please see the synopsis of each seminar in the section below;

Friday, 2 March 2018
@ Greenridge Secondary School, SPARK!
Theme: Helping your Teen Master Stress

This is a stress management workshop that seeks to aid parents help their children/teenagers to turn pressure and stressors, which are commonly viewed to be negative factors, into something positive. How can we help our children/teenagers be a master of their stressors rather than allowing the stressors to master them?  

Register online at https://goo.gl/zCQjMZ
Wednesday,28 March 2018
@ Greenridge Secondary School, SPARK!
Theme: Making the Transition to Adolescent and Secondary School

This workshop will help parents understand the challenges faced by their teens, how to support them emotionally, providing structure and practical tips on helping them make the transition into adolescent & secondary school. It is based on meeting our child’s core emotional needs and also incorporating movie-therapy.  

Register online at https://goo.gl/RLzQJD
Friday,27 July 2018
@ Greenridge Secondary School, SPARK! 
Theme: Helping your Child Win the Cyber War

In this session you will learn about social issues pertaining to the ‘cyber world’ which offers knowledge, personal growth, extensive friendships and fun. But there are also new, exclusive dangers and challenges, particularly for children and young people. Learn how to help your child win the ‘cyber war’.

Register online at https://goo.gl/4vWVte

9am – 12pm
Saturday, 18 Aug 2018
@ Greenridge Secondary School, SPARK!
Theme: Building Resilience

Resilience allows a young person to successfully negotiate life changes and duress in healthy and constructive ways. It affects the quality of relating within family, school and other social context. In this session, parents will discover what it takes to nurture a winner's attitude in their children. Somewhere between love and tough love, every parent can forge a winner with the resilience over life challenges.

Register online at https://goo.gl/gDEV5G

Please click on the links above to sign up immediately. For more information, please contact our FamilyMatters @ School coordinator, Ms Catherine Banton, at 9762 5186 or fms_greenridgesec@yahoo.com


Membership in Parent Connect

To sign up as a Parent Connect member, please drop an email to our Parents Connect Teacher-in-Charge Madam Radiah Matmin (Email: radiah_matmin@moe.edu.sg) and let us know the following details;

  • Your name
  • Your contact number
  • Your child's name & class
  • Your interest to join as a member or a committee member