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Learning THROUGH the Arts

Creative Arts Carnival with NLB (Performing Arts VIA)

As part of the community outreach activities in Greenridge Secondary School (GSS) Learning for Life Programme (LLP), students from the GSS Performing Arts group organized an Arts carnival at the Jurong West Public library and Choa Chu Kang Public Libraries to introduce different Arts to the community! During the carnival, our Performing Arts students taught the young children different dances, instruments and origami. Through this meaningful carnival, our students not only impacted the community, but also learn how to mentor and interact with others. Do join us for our second Creative Arts Carnival on 27 May 2017 at the Jurong West Public Library!

Drama Storytelling Sessions at the Public and Regional Libraries
As part of the community outreach activities, the drama students organised storytelling sessions at the community library. This year they performed “The Incredible Basket”, a story written by local author, Quek Hong Shin. The Drama students also taught the children and their parents simple crafts after the story telling session. This programme aligns with our LLP’s vision of “Developing Creative and Confident Persons, Impacting the Community through the Arts”. This is also a VIA project for the Drama students. Students gave positive feedback on how they enjoyed interacting with the community and they found it meaningful to teach the community some knowledge and skills about the Arts.

Secondary 3: Facade Art Collaborative Project with Bukit Panjang/ Zhenghua Community Centre

Greenridge Secondary School has been working with Bukit Panjang and Zhenghua CC in the annual PassionArts Festival. PAssionArts Festival is a community arts festival created by, with and for residents and schools. It seeks to inspire the community through arts and to promote interaction and neighbourliness among residents which is aligned to our school’s Arts Education vision.

In 2014, Greenridge Secondary School was invited to be part of this arts project, titled “CAMERA, LIGHT, and ACTION!” Our Secondary Three Visual Art students worked with an artist and painted on canvases which were displayed to the community at Senja Square. As part of our internal review, this year, the school decided to proactively engage Zheng Hua CC on the concept for the PassionArts Festival 2015 so as to better prepare our students for the upcoming events. 

To commemorate SG50, our Secondary Three Visual Arts students conceptualised a paint work on the huge canvas of size 1.2m by 10m in relation to the theme “STORIES OF OUR TOWN”. This art work includes the Singapore transport and icons from 1940s to the present. The completed Façade Art is displayed at Blk 531 Jelapang Road.

In 2016, as part of the school's Learning for Life programme (LLP) in arts education and its collaboration with Bukit Panjang CC, all our Secondary 3 students joined in to design and paint flags for the community. The students had to design their flags according to the National Day theme, "A Brighter Singapore". The students took only 3 days to paint a total of 35 flags! We look forward to seeing their flags hung proudly at the corridor of Block 270 Bangkit Road.

Secondary 3: Visual Art Collaborative Project with Rainbow Centre

As the driver for Aesthetics in Cluster West 6 Schools, Greenridge Secondary School coordinates and organises meaningful programmes for both the learners and the educators. CW6 community-based collaboration with Rainbow Centre is intended for educators to conceptualize creative approaches to allow students to work together in and for our local community. This community-based collaboration with Rainbow Centre aims to provide both teachers and students a creative learning platform through visual art and allow our students to become active contributors to our community. The objective is to conceptualize and execute visual art lessons catered for special needs students through collaboration with teachers at Rainbow Centre. This collaboration also creates opportunity for CW6 teachers and students to learn to interact with special needs students (Autism and Multiple Disabilities) through creating of art pieces and develop a sense of service to the community.

Before the project commences, CW6 teachers and students were briefed on how to interact with the special needs students and will designed lessons plans to be taught in a thematic approach proposed by different schools. For example, Butterfly, Art Stamping, Hearts, Animals etc. Each school will be assigned to a special needs class (7 to 9 students aged 11 to 17) which they will be working with them twice a week to complete the art canvases. A total of 4 students and one teacher from each CW6 school had participated in this project.

Spectrum IX

On 18 November 2016, we celebrated our school's aesthetics excellence in our biennial school concert, Spectrum. The theme for our ninth run of the concert is ONE. During the concert, we explored the aesthetics creativity of our greenridgeans and showcased the varied talents of staffs and students. 

Spectrum X

“Stardust: A Touch of Magic” is the tenth run of Greenridge’s signature concert, Spectrum. Through this showcase, students from the Performing Arts group, the Uniformed groups put up array of colourful performances to celebrate their passion for the Arts. The students from the performing arts group, students from the uniformed groups and sports joined in the celebration and put up interesting performances for the audience. Stardust: A Touch of Magic indeed brought riveting entertainment and inspiration to the audience and was an incredible way to end the year.

Art exhibitions at Beyond Imagination Greenridge (BIG) Gallery
Beyond Words: Roving Arts Exhibition

Date: 24 July 2019 - 7 August 2019
Time: 3.00pm - 4.30pm
Venue: Beyond Imagination Greenridge (BIG) Gallery

In collaboration with Temasek Junior College, Australian International School, Payar Lebar Methodist Girls’ (Sec), Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, Meridian Secondary School and Zhenghua Secondary School, our students' artworks have been touring around the schools in Singapore, as well as at the National Library (Bugis)! This month, all the artworks will be coming to our school's BIG Gallery and the Art department would like to invite you to take some time to enjoy the students' artworks at the gallery! Do drop by and say hi!

GSS Star Competition 2019

To encourage students to build confidence and talents in performing, the Arts Ambassadors would organise a talent competition for their schoolmates every year for their peers. This year there were a variety of performances ranging from singing, instrumental performance, group dance and even a magic show! Out of the 15 performances that signed up for the audition, 10 solo and group performers were chosen for the finals. The students put in their best and it was a memorable experience for many of the performers.

Performing Arts Creative Arts Carnival at the public libraries 

As part of the community outreach activities, students from the Chinese Orchestra, Band, Dance and Choir organised an Arts carnival at the community library to introduce different Arts form to the community. The carnival is catered for children and their parents. The carnival includes hands-on art activities, basic music-making, and basic dance movements. For the fourth year running, Greenridge has sustained a good partnership with the National Library Board in this meaningful programme. Students looked forward to this activity and seniors.

Band Jamboree

GSS Symphonic Band will be performing for the public as part of the SYF Celebrations 2019. The SYF Celebrations is an annual event organised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) that provides our students with an inclusive, multi-modal and collaborative platform to express their artistic talent and creative voice and to share their passion for the arts and the wider community.

Northwest Youth Concert 2019

Host: Dr. Teo Ho Pin, Mayor of North West District

Guest-of-Honour: Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs 

Students involved: Students from Dance Club

The Dance Club students are once again being invited to perform at the annual NWCDC fundraising event. The event aims to nurture youth's spirit in giving back through performing and volunteering.

P3 Concert

To prepare the students for the SYF Arts Presentation, the school organised an in-school concert for the performing arts students to showcase their SYF performance items to their peers and parents. This concert gave students the confidence to perform well and motivated the students to do their best for the upcoming Art Presentation competition.