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Learning ABOUT the Arts

Supporting Thrust 2: Knowledge

  • Arts-related knowledge
  • Social-Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness
  • Civic Literacy

Signature Programmes

Secondary 1: Sculpture Walk @ Singapore River/Orchard/Marina Bay

Students are given the opportunity to develop the knowledge of various mediums of art through learning journeys at different levels. To engage the students experientially in understanding and appreciating 3D sculpture, the Secondary One students are given the platform for self-expression as they evaluate and interpret various abstract and stylized works of public art. At the same time, they will learn about five historic and commercially vibrant districts of Singapore as they spend a day out in the sun, exploring public sculptures. This will help them to better understand and relate to the ceramics module which they will be learning in their Visual Art curriculum in Secondary Two. This Sculpture Walk focused on building students’ critical and analytical skills, identifying the different Art movements and styles, developing verbal expression, ability to evaluate and interpret artworks and appreciating creativity, sculpting techniques and Singapore's heritage and history. Each student will be given a programme booklet to record their observations and discussions. This Sculpture Walk is a guided tour conducted by external vendors.

Secondary 2: Chingay NE Show

To enhance our students’ learning experience in the Arts, the school has organized an Arts Experience Programme – the Chingay NE show for all Secondary Two students.  The Chingay NE Show provides an opportunity for students to experience the largest street performance and float parade in Asia. Through this unique experience, students had a treasured glimpse into how people of different cultures are bonded together through the Arts. In addition, students can also witness the values and legacy of our founding fathers and learn to work towards a better and brighter Singapore.

Secondary 3: Project ALL! Learning Journey to Beijing- Shandong

In collaboration with the GSS' Applied Learning Programme (ALP), GSS LLP held its first overseas learning journey to Beijing and Shandong in November 2015.

In Shandong, we visited Jinan Sunshine 100 School and attended Art, Music and Culinary lessons with the friendly local students. In Qufu, the hometown of Confucius, we visited his old mansion, temple and cemetery, and learnt about his philosophy and teachings. We also visited the famous Baotu Spring, declared by Emperor Qianlong as "the Number One Spring under the Heavens" and mentioned in the Spring and Autumn Annals, one of the five classics of Chinese Literature. At the bank of the magnificent Yellow River, we observed that the water was calm and clear, and learnt that this was a result of reduced soil erosion as rainfall is scarce in the cold season.

In Beijing, we visited the legendary Forbidden City, the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming dynasty to the Qing dynasty, immersing ourselves in its cultural and architectural richness. We watched Peking Opera, an art form regarded as one of the cultural treasures of China. Lastly, we scaled the Great Wall, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. In these 6 days of fun and learning, we gathered valuable environmental data on the types and effects of pollution, as well as the means taken to mitigate them. What was most memorable was that we did all of these in sub-zero temperatures!

Talents Development Programme for Performing Arts students

To provide the Tier 2 Performing Arts Students with more exposure to learn about their areas of specialization in the arts, funds have been allocated to provide the Performing Arts CCA students opportunities to attend concerts, masterclasses, workshops and learning journeys. This year, the choir students attended a concert by the choir from Victoria Junior College and the Chinese Orchestra students attended a concert by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. In August, the Drama Club and Dance Club students will be attending the musical, “Aladdin” at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre and the Symphonic Band students will be attending a band masterclass.Through this exposure, students have greater understanding on how professional artists perform and be able to improve on their own performing talents

Learning Journeys for the Visual Arts students

To connect the Visual Arts students to the art scene in Singapore, the art teachers organised learning journey for the students to visit art schools (e.g. NAFA, Lasalle), and the National Gallery Singapore. These learning journeys not only expose the students to professional artworks but also give our students insights on how they can further their passion in Visual Arts when they graduate from secondary schools.

Aesthetics Assembly

Every term, there will be one aesthetics assembly programme, and external vendors are engaged with the support from NAC. Through the programmes, the students learnt more about the different art forms and find meaning in them. This year, the school invited local artists to perform and share their journey in the arts with the students. This helps students to learn more about the local arts scene and the growth of arts in Singapore. During these assemblies, the Talents and Events IC will introduce the performers to the school and represent the school to thank the guests for their performance.