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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

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Greenridge Secondary School (GSS) believes that Arts Education is a powerful platform to develop students’ character and values, cultivate positive attitudes and self-expression, and strengthen essential people skills. These are important 21st Century Competencies (21st CC) skills that help our students thrive in a fast-changing world and support our students’ development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to society.

The Arts is an integral component to the holistic development of our students. It contributes to their development of an understanding of the physical, emotional, aesthetic, social, moral and spiritual dimensions of human experience.

To realise the full potential of Arts Education, the school is focusing on creating a quality arts experience. As students undergo a purposeful process of rich experiencing and reflecting, we want to deepen in the students a sense of lively curiosity and an inquisitive mind, which serves to promote creative thinking and an innovative disposition in what they do. We want to sharpen the students’ sense of the aesthetics, which forms the basis of how they will perceive the world and all that is around them. This perspective helps them to make meaning of their lives, culture and identity. In this connection, the school sees the Arts as a vehicle for connecting people and building communities. Through the provision of a quality arts experience, the school will bring out the best in the students as they cultivate personal humility and resilience, learn to empathise and care for others, and through the process, imbue a deep sense of responsibility and service to the community and nation.

In line with the above beliefs, GSS defined the vision for Learning for Life Programme (LLP) through Arts Education as follows: 
“Developing Creative and Confident Persons, Impacting the Community through the Arts”

The school’s Arts Education Programme focuses on creating a quality arts learning experience through three thrusts:

  1. Learning Through the Arts
  2. Learning About the Arts
  3. Learning In the Arts



GSS has actively promoted Arts Education and is very supportive towards aesthetics development. Developing our students through the Arts has been a key strategic thrust of the school since 10 years ago. In the 3rd external validation conducted in 2014, the school was affirmed of the vibrant arts programme as a key strength. The school’s Arts Education Framework was recognised as a good practice, as it provided a wholesome structure for the implementation of a broad-based Arts programme for all students during their secondary school education in GSS. In the recent National Arts Education Award (NAEA) for 2015- 2019, the National Arts Council has awarded GSS the ‘Glow’ Award to recognise the school’s effort in a holistic and integrated Arts Education Programme. 

GSS has five arts-related CCAs (i.e. Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Drama, Modern Dance, and the Symphonic Band) to provide students with opportunities to build their interests and talents for the Arts. In addition, the school tries to provide many opportunities for students to perform and showcase their talents. For example, to encourage students to have the culture of performing, the school also set up the Buskers’ Corner at the canteen for students to perform for their peers every fortnightly. During the biennial school concert, Spectrum, students and teachers come together to make music, dance and even create artworks.