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Media Literacy Club

Introduction to MLC

The Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), Greenridge Secondary School Media Literacy Club (GSS MLC) was introduced in the year 2016. GSS MLC, previously known as Multimedia Club in 2015 and Media Resource Library in 2014, aspires to develop its members to be responsible users of media who can read, analyse, evaluate and effectively communicate messages through different forms of media. As such, in the Media Literacy Club (MLC), the members will be exposed to programmes that cater to various knowledge, skills and attitudes to increase their competencies in media literacy.

In the four to five years as members of the MLC, the members would undergo core and specialisation modules relating to media literacy. They would also be taking parts in competitions organised by schools or other external organisations. As part of the continuous process of learning, students would be keeping an online portfolio whereby they would keep reflections of skills, knowledge and attitudes they have acquired through the courses and competitions, samples of work they have done, as well as the awards they have achieved throughout their journey as members of the MLC.

The CORE Module will cover the following aspects:
    1. Critical work principles and attitudes;
    2. Operational expectations and efficiency;
    3. Responsiveness and Responsibilities as a MLC member; and
    4. Efficient and effective set up and maintenance of basic media equipment packages

The programmes organised by/for the MLC are also opened students who show greater interest in media literacy.

MLC - AVA Members

In 2015, the Multimedia Club was formed through the merger of the Audio Visual Aid Club (AVA) and Media Resource Library (MRL).
The club has since been renamed Media Literacy Club (MLC).

Specialisation Modules

A. Sound and Stage Lighting Production Modules

A.1 Basic and Intermediate Sound Production for Stage Presentations (includes orchestra, drama and choral presentations)
A.2 Basic and Intermediate Stage Lighting Production for Presentations (includes dances and stage movement presentations)
A.3 Stage Craft and Stage Systems (includes prop positions and presentation effects)

B. Communications Modules

B.1 Photojournalism
B.2 News Reporting and Editing
B.3 Broadcast System Technology
B.4 Videography and Photography in News reporting

C. Photography and Videography Modules

C.1 Basic and Intermediate Photography [Theory and Practical]
C.2 Basic and Intermediate Videography [Theory and Practical]
C.3 Photography and Videography Editing
C.4 Videography and Photography in Storytelling

MLC - Videography Activity
Among others, MLC members are expected to provide support to pre-, during and post-production, and coordinate with production team in terms of sound and lights to ensure smooth running of performances; and
MLC - Photography Activity
MLC members would learn basic and intermediate techniques to photography and videography and combining them with writing, as part of their module on photojournalism.

Moving Forward

Greenridge Secondary School is constantly seeking partnerships with various stakeholders to provide its members with the best learning opportunities to hone their talents and interests in media.

(i) In collaboration with MOE's English Language and Literature Curriculum Planning & Development Division (ELL CPDD), we have identified pathfinders who will be providing the students with the knowledge pertaining to the industry, in line with the national movement towards SkillsFuture. These pathfinders are current practitioners (e.g. journalists, newscasters) who would be conducting workshops and providing mentoring opportunities for the students.

(ii) Through the experiences the members have in the club, we hope to provide the students with the avenue as well as the added advantage to pursue further education in courses relating to media (and communications). Other than these pathfinders, the school will also be tapping on our student alumni who have gone to pursue further education at polytechnics and institutes of technical education, in fields pertaining to media, so as to allow the students to make informed choices in choosing courses in the various institutes of higher learning.

MLC Activity

MLC aspires its members to pursue further education in media-related fields and subsequently find employment opportunities in the industry.