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School Emblem & Song

School LogoSchool Emblem

The school motto ‘From Each His Best’ is firmly imprinted in red. It is the guiding principal for all our endeavors. The five arms above the motto show the strive to move upwards and outwards.

They also represent the five ways in which the school aims to support the total development of our pupils, namely through:

  • Academic achievement
  • Aesthetic appreciation
  • Physical growth
  • Inculcation of healthy habits and correct attitudes and,
  • Promotion of social cohesion through understanding, tolerance and mutual respect

School Song

School Song - Music SheetIn Green-ridge we strive to stand
Head & shoulders above the rest.
In Greenridge we work and play
Nurture talents buried deep.

As boldly emblazoned on our crest,
Greenridge we’ll do our best.

Oh Greenridge, you fill us with
Joy and pride in all we do.

In future we know that still our
Thoughts and memories will be with you.

As we grow in stature and maturity,
We give our best with dignity.


From each his best. From each his best
It’s in our hearts at every test.

Associate in harmony, nation school
And family.

Loyalty and honour.
This we pledge to Greenridge.