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Code Of Conduct

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Performance = Potential – Interference

(from ‘The Inner Game’ by Timothy Gallway)

    C        =      Classroom Cleanliness / Personal Grooming

    H        =      Homework Submission must be punctual

    A        =       Attendance monitoring for patterns of attendance issues

    M       =       Materials on the desk

    P        =       Purpose of learning in every lesson


  C     Classroom Cleanliness / Personal Grooming

Every class must have a roster where students are rostered daily to ensure that the classroom is neat and clean before any teacher starts a lesson.

Every student must be neatly attired and groomed. Extra ear studs and ear sticks must be confiscated immediately. There must be a sense of neatness and tidiness in the class.


  H     Homework Submission

Every class must have subject representatives to collect homework. All homework submission must be recorded and dated against the class lists. Immediate follow-up actions will be taken against students who fail to submit the homework. The students will be asked to move to a side of the classroom, have their desks turned facing the back of the classroom and complete their homework while the rest of the class proceed with the lesson.


  A     Attendance Monitoring

Every subject teacher must personally account for the attendance of every student in the class. He/She must record the reason for absence or latecoming of any student who is absent or late for class.


  M     Materials on the Students’ Desks

Every student must have all the necessary learning materials ready for every lesson on their desks.

  P     Purpose of Learning in the Lesson

  Every subject teacher must write on the class whiteboard the purpose or objectives of learning for every lesson. If the subject teacher places the objectives of the lesson on PowerPoint slides, these must be repeated through the lesson as the lesson objectives serve as a navigation guide for the lesson.


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