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The ICT Department is composed of staff from various departments supporting the school’s ICT needs from Teaching and Learning with ICT to Cyberwellness, data analysis and the School Cockpit. The department is led by Mdm Clara Wang as Head of Department, Mr Edwin Kwek as Subject Head and supported by ICT Associate, Ms Khairunnisa and 2 Desktop Engineers. 


We aim to nurture future-ready dynamic thinkers and responsible digital learners through comprehensive ICT support that enable quality teaching and learning in and outside classrooms to deepen subject mastery and develop 21st Century Competencies. 

In line with MOE’s ICT Masterplan 4, we aim to 

  • Build a pervasive ICT culture in a sustainable and scalable manner
  • Innovatively blend ICT usage into curriculum, pedagogy and assessment to provide holistic development of Greenridgeans
  • Build the capacity of staff in the effective use of ICT tools through Professional Development Programs and mentoring
  • Tap on emerging technologies, both software and hardware to facilitate ICT-enriched lessons and administrative excellence


Active learning processes with technology
Learning with technology in GSS is guided by MOE SLS Pedagogical Scaffold, where teachers design meaningful ICT-enabled student-centric learning experiences to engage and respond to students’ learning. 

The role of technology is carefully planned in order to magnify learning outcomes. Teachers consider the following while planning:

  • Activate Learning
    How will students’ focus and interest be oriented towards the learning objectives? 

  • Promote Thinking  and Discussion 
    How will students think about ideas and concepts? What skills and processes will students   
    perform? How will students build on their current understanding? 

  • Facilitate  Demonstration of  Learning
    How will students demonstrate their understanding and new learning? 

  • Monitor and  Provide Feedback
    How can students’ learning be advanced? 


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Programmes Objectives

ICT in Practice

ICT in Practice emphasizes on training our students to be competent in 21CC skills using technology as a leverage for their learning and be future ready. 

Cyberwellness Education Programme 

The Cyber Wellness (CW) education in GSS is customised to suit GSS’ student profile and school environment. The aim of CW education is to develop Greenridgeans into responsible ICT users who are able to protect themselves and be responsible for their well-being in cyberspace and have good netiquette.

Guided by MOE’s CyberWellness framework which focuses on three key processes: Sense, Think and Act, the school plans and implements a holistic CW education which comprises a) the CW lessons in the formal curriculum and b) the school-wide programmes (e.g. CW assembly talks, CW Week and other CW activities) to reinforce the importance of CW and its messages.

Platforms are also provided to allow students to translate their understanding into actions to advocate key CW messages. Student CW Ambassadors heighten the awareness of others to be responsible digital learners where they can evaluate their online behaviour and conduct themselves in a proper manner through different student-led initiatives.

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