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The aim of the Character and Citizenship Education team is to prepare our students to be resourceful and resilient individuals who are world ready and yet committed to building a cohesive and caring society. Through the effective establishment of internal and external networks of collaboration the team approaches this goal with the implementation of impactful programmes and processes that shape character and deepen values. 


Student Development

In supporting the developmental needs of our students the CCE programmes are aligned to the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Framework ( https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/programmes/social-and-emotional-learning ) where all SE competencies are anchored at the heart of the school PRIDE values; Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Diligence and Empathy. Based on the SE competencies and the tenets of the School Values, the school has articulated a set of tiered descriptors of the desired character and moral traits to be developed. The following programmes and processes are thus designed to help students develop these traits; 

  • Esprit D’ Excellence
Launched in 2015, Esprit D’excellence is a signature GSS programme conducted annually in order to help everyone frame a mindset of excellence to start the year.  Recognising that different cohorts of students have differing needs and focus at the commencement of the new academic year, the school organises differentiated 3 Day camp programmes for each cohort of students with the aim of imbuing each student with a sense of purpose, motivation to learn and the drive to excel in school and in life.  

  • CCE Lesson Curriculum
GSS CCE curriculum is aligned to MOE’s CCE Syllabus ( https://www.moe.gov.sg/docs/default-source/document/education/syllabuses/character-citizenship-education/files/2014-education-and-career-guidance-(secondary)-syllabus.pdf https://www.moe.gov.sg/docs/default-source/document/education/syllabuses/character-citizenship-education/files/2014-education-and-career-guidance-(secondary)-syllabus.pdf ) that is based on delivering the three Overarching Big Ideas of the Curriculum, namely Identity, Relationship and Choices. To help students unpack each Idea for learning and understanding, overarching key questions and discussion-centred lesson packages are delivered during CCE lessons. In addition, Citizenship Education (CE) resource packages, Just-In-Time lessons on current affairs, Career guidance, Sexuality Education (SEd) and Cyber Wellness lessons are also delivered during CCE periods. 

  • Values in Education
The School’s effort at fulfilling its responsibility to society is aligned to the needs of the community and the learning needs of our students.   Utilising the Design Thinking Approach, students are engaged in reflection to plan their VIA activity and after they complete it. Through this structured and comprehensive reflection process, our students are able to deepen their understanding of the importance of giving back to society and strengthen our resilience and unity as a nation. 

Bright Spots at Northwest in collaboration with Northwest CDC
Bright Spots at Northwest in collaboration with Northwest CDC

  • NE Commemoration Days
The diversity of opinions, information and knowledge that is readily available on the digital platform demands for a more measured approach to engage the younger generation in thinking more critically about NE issues and values. Thus the commemoration of the core NE days of Total Defence Day, Racial Harmony Day, International Friendship Day and National Day takes a more introspective tone as students are given the opportunity to ponder the critical issues that impact our country and its goal of building a sustainable Singapore. 

Racial Harmony Programme
Racial Harmony Programme
National Day Celebration
National Day Celebration

  •        Education and Career Guidance 
Our Career Guidance counsellor spearheads the schools ECG programmes which aim to help students develop the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes that will boost their confidence to explore, understand and make informed decisions with regard to their prospective careers. Some programmes to support Career Guidance in GSS include ECG Lessons, participation in Elective Module programmes organised by higher institutes of education, visits to educational institutions, industries and career exhibitions and workshops, counselling by ECG counsellor to help students to chart their career direction and create their career ‘blueprints' 

  • Counselling and Student Management Support
The Student Development Team (which comprises the Student Management Committee, Senior School Counsellor, ECG counsellor, Student Welfare Officer, Year Heads and HOD CCE) is a strong network of counselling and student management support for students who require intervention for their social emotional or behavioural concerns. The Social Emotional and Disciplinary Monitoring & Management system brings into alignment the two crucial arms of discipline and counselling, underpinned by the application of Choice Theory in order to fulfil our mission of guarding the well being of every child. 

  • School Family Education 
FamilyMatters@School ( /others/gss-parent-connect ) is a school-based programme that offers parents easy access to family life education (FLE) programmes and resources. Through enriching workshops, activities and sharing of resources by experienced speakers and experts, parents can enhance the quality of family life by equipping them with the skills and confidence to build strong relationships with their children.  

  • National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge
Five Multimedia Literacy Ambassadors (MLAs), from Secondary 1 to 3, were selected to participate in the National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge (NCAC) 2019. The theme for this year's challenge was “Academic Productivity & Well Being with Mobile Devices and Screen Time”. The challenge ran from April 2019 and ended in November 2019. On 4th November 2019, our team was presented with the Silver Award for this challenge.

Our selected MLAs began the challenge in April 2019 when they attended the NCAC Cyber Wellness Training Camp. Following the camp, the team began brainstorming ideas for their project and filmed the first part of the project. The team decided to share with the school about the dangers of excessive screen time and to elicit solutions to curb this problem. During the June holidays, the team refined their project and came up with plans to share their project with the school. The execution of their outreach project was from June to September 2019, with the final report submitted on 16th September 2019.

Team members:
1. Calista Foo En Xi (Class 2/6) – Team leader
2. Nur Laila Quraisyah Binte Roshaizat (Class 1/5)
3. Teo Wee En, Bryan (Class 1/6)
4. Mong Shi Qing (Class 2/3)
5. Tan Zhi Hao (Class 3/1)

Teachers involved:
1. Ms Low Xin Yu (Cyber Wellness Coordinator)
2. Ms Seow Yee Jiat
3. Mdm Clara Wang (ICT HOD)

Special thanks and congratulations to the Multimedia Literacy Club members and teachers!

Congratulations, MLAs!.jpeg