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Student Leadership


Student Leadership Committee

The Student Leadership Committee is led by Miss Ang Lip Eng Penny as Head of Department of Physical Education / CCA.  


Ms Ang Lip Eng Penny 
HOD – Physical Education | CCA
Mr Shaifrizman Bin Maktar
SH – Student Management
 Mr Goh Ming Ann John
Miss Lin Liyi
 Ms Premaa Ravichandran premaa_ravichandran@moe.edu.sg  
Ms Stella Tan Wan Yee tan_wan_yee_stella@moe.edu.sg
Ms Junaidah Manap junaidah_manap@moe.edu.sg


In GSS, we believe every student is a potential leader and we aim to develop all students to be Positive Youths of Today and Inspiring Leaders of tomorrow. We view leadership not as a rank or a position; rather, leadership is a set of essential skills that students need to be equipped with for an ever-changing world.

“A value-centric leader who is constantly striving for excellence and is committed to making a difference by serving the school community, nation and the world.”

Leadership is a developmental process that can be taught and learned. In GSS, we view leadership development as an integral part of the total school experience that we provide for every Greenridgean. As such, we provide a breadth of experiences and opportunities in which our students learn to shoulder responsibilities, demonstrate initiatives and exercise sound judgement and responsible decision-making. Through authentic leadership moments, including activities initiated and led by students themselves, Greenridgeans can discover their passions and strengths, and contribute their gifts and talents to the betterment of the community at large.

Above all, our students will develop character and resilience, as the continuum of authentic experiences allow them to develop, reflect upon and apply the values, mindset, knowledge and skills that are necessary for them to thrive in a dynamic future. 

The philosophy asserts the central role of leadership development in the provision of a quality holistic education for all students in Greenridge. Through a comprehensive leadership programme and ample opportunities to lead and serve, Greenridgeans, as one learning community, grow to become dynamic thinkers, inspiring leaders and contributing citizens. 


To implement the holistic model for student leadership development, we take into consideration the school’s vision and our guiding principles for designing meaningful learning experiences for our student leaders. 



To implement the holistic model for student leadership development, we take into consideration the guiding principles for designing learning experiences, the possible learning approaches to adopt and the focus of assessment.

Guiding Principles for Designing Learning Experiences

In designing authentic learning experiences, we follow three key guiding principles:

a) Whole School Approach: The task of forming and developing student leaders lies on every staff in GSS. Teachers of different departments collaborate to identify opportunities for the infusion of leadership development in the formal and informal curricula. Our team of administrative support staff also assist in creating and sustaining viable environments for different events and programmes.

b) Every teacher as a student developer: Teachers are role models of the values, mindsets and skill-sets of an effective leader. In Greenridge, every teacher has the responsibility to support leadership development in our students by looking into areas where they can learn and grow. 

c) Breadth of experiences and progression in learning:We are committed to providing a holistic and multi-faceted leadership education that includes CCA programmes, House activities as well as level-wide and school-wide events, all of which serve as platforms for our student leaders to expand their capacity for leadership. In addition, student leaders experience a progression in their learning as they are given greater challenges each year to sharpen and hone their leadership skills. 


GSS seeks to develop Greenridgeans who excel in serving and leading by example, through the provision of OTE2R2

1) Opportunities: As reflected in the GSS Student Leadership Organisational Framework, we provide Greenridgeans with multiple platforms to serve the community in a leadership capacity. In their respective roles, student leaders are given ample opportunities to lead and serve. They organise and serve at school events such as the Sports Carnival, Awards Day and Teachers’ Day. They also plan and execute various Values-In-Action programmes to serve the community at large. In addition, our student leaders frequently participate in conventions and conferences to share their ideas and experiences with student leaders from other institutions. Through the interactions, our student leaders also constantly seek opportunities to improve themselves. 

2) Training: We provide an integrated and differentiated Student Leadership Programme to ensure the progressive and relevant development of the specific groups of student leaders. Throughout the year, collective trainings, activities and workshops are organised to develop and hone their leadership skills. These include fornightly sharing sessions, semestral training workshops and yearly bonding camps. 

3)    Engagement and Empowerment: We are committed to building and sustaining a strong relationship with our student leaders. Through regular conversations and focus group discussions, student leaders are given the opportunity to communicate with teachers and school leaders. This constant mentorship serves to guide and empower our student leaders as they collaborate to lead various Student-initiated Activities (SiA) such as the GSS Kindness Movement, Recycling Programme, Motivational Week, ad-hoc inter-class competitions and community fund-raising activities. In these student-initiated and student-led activities, our student leaders recognise the needs and concerns of the community, and step up to address them in the spirit of servant leadership. 

4)  Review and Recognition: We adopt a reflective practice with our student leaders to help them hone their leadership skills. Through reflections and feedback sessions, our student leaders learn to sharpen and improve management processes. In a similar way, senior student leaders mentor their juniors in the execution and review of programmes. In addition to awarding leadership points in LEAPS, our student leaders are recognised for their services to the school and community through awards such as the Eagles Award and Outstanding Student Leaders’ Award. 

Assessment for Learning

As the school believes that leadership can be taught and learnt, we believe that it can and should also be assessed. Adapting The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and the Student Leadership Practices Inventory (Student LPI) created by leadership educators James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, the Student Leadership Committee devised a 20-questions review to assess our Student Leaders’ leadership skills. Using these questions, students go through a process of self-assessment, peer assessment and reviewing with teachers three times a year. With this assessment for learning that provides clear feedback, our student leaders can constantly seek improvements and become more effective leaders.  In addition, our student leaders will be encouraged to keep a portfolio of their reflections for involvements and evidence of achievements. This portfolio not only serves as a good tool that can aid their applications to post-secondary institutions, it also helps our student leaders understand their progress, identify the challenges they are experiencing and suggest how they can further improve in various aspects of their leadership.


Students in Greenridge have endless opportunities to develop their leadership skills. There are three key leadership groups available for students to practice what they have learnt and stretch their potential in areas that they are interested and competent in. Together, these three leadership areas allow 30% of Greenridgeans to be in an appointed formal student leadership position.

The Student Council leads the whole student body by organizing, managing and carrying out school programmes, initiating activities to improve the school community and representing the school for external activities.

CCA Leaders and their committee lead their CCA teammates by organising their CCA trainings, setting and achieving goals, promoting teamwork in their CCAs and assisting their teachers with CCA matters.

Class leaders and the respective subject representatives lead their class in class matters, ensuring safety, encouraging their classmates to seek improvement and participate actively in school activities.

Student Initiators are leaders who are keen on initiating activities that are not offered in school. These activities can be long-term projects or ad-hoc activities that involves servicing the school or the community.