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National Cadet Corp – Land (NCC)

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Greenridge NCC aims to nurture all-rounded leaders of exemplary character, high physical fitness and enduring mental strength. With a strong affiliation with the Singapore Armed Forces, NCC offers its cadets a holistic training programme that includes outdoor adventure activities, survival courses, overseas expeditions, water sports, as well as exclusive opportunities to handle advanced weapons such as the SAR-21 assault rifle. Cadets who go through the Greenridge NCC programme emerge as mature and confident leaders equipped with 21st-century competencies. 


In recognition of its effort in grooming and developing cadets to their fullest potential, Greenridge NCC was awarded the Gold Award for the National Cadet Corp Best Unit Award in 2017, for the third consecutive year.


Boys only.


Mr Lee Jin Loong Clarence
(Teacher In-charge)
Ms Renuga d/o Visvalingamrenuga_visvalingam@moe.edu.sg
Ms Nuurulhuda Bte Hasbolahnuurulhuda_hasbolah@moe.edu.sg



Year 1: Junior Cadets

Cadets are familiarised with the history of NCC and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). They are also exposed to programmes to develop their campcraft skills and foot drills.

  • NCC Affirmation Ceremony
  • Civil Defence Bronze Badge
  • SAF Familiarisation visit
  • Camp FORGE (High Elements Adventure, Flying Fox, Paintball, Archery, Airsoft Rifle Shooting)

Year 2: Senior Cadets

Cadets get their first opportunity to fire the SAR21 Assault Rifle at the IMT (Individual Marksmanship Trainer) at a SAF camp. Cadets also attend the 2D1N Camp STEEL held at HQ NCC, where they will be exposed to jungle survival skills and rifle drills.

  • Civil Defence Silver Badge 
  • Basic Survival Course 
  • SAR21 Assault Rifle Technical Handling 
  • SAR21 Assault Rifle Individual Marksmanship Trainer 
  • Camp STEEL (Repelling, Flying Fox, Basic Survival Skills) 
  • NCC Fitness Challenge 
  • Orienteering Competition 
  • Free-style drill Competition 
  • Physical Training Instructor Course 
  • Intermediate Survival Course 

Year 3: Cadet Leaders

Cadet Leaders are given multiple opportunities to develop their leadership and mentoring skills as they now hold their responsibilities as leaders of the unit. They get to participate in Live Firing using the SAR21 Assault Rifle at a SAF live range. Cadet Leaders also get to participate in the inter-unit Mini-League Challenge and several Specialist courses to hone their leadership skills. In addition, Cadet Leaders are also given opportunities to go on overseas adventure expeditions.

  • Specialist Assessment Course
  • Advanced Drills Course
  • Senior Specialist Leaders Course
  • NCC Fitness Challenge
  • SAR21 Assault Rifle Live Firing
  • HQ NCC adventure expeditions (e.g. Mount Ophir Summit Climb – 2016)

Year 4/5: Senior Cadet Leaders

Senior Cadet Leaders will be put in charge of organising and leading the annual Combined Uniformed Groups Camp held in March. After their tenure as leaders in NCC, Senior Cadet Leaders are also given the option to attend the Officer Cadet Course, so they can continue to lead NCC in the capacity of Officers (2nd Lieutenant) even after graduation.


Venue: NCC Corner

                        3.30pm to 5.30pm                        2.30pm to 5.30pm