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The GSS Parent Connect aims to build a supportive community of parents to strengthen Home-School collaboration and promote Parent-Child bonding through a variety of programmes and events for 2017. We look forward to your participation in the following upcoming programmes and events. 

Membership in Parent Connect

To sign up as a Parent Connect member, please drop an email to our Parents Connect Teacher-in-Charge:

Madam Radiah Matmin (Email:  radiah_matmin@moe.edu.sg ) and let us know the following details;

  • Your name
  • Your contact number
  • Your child's name & class
  • Your interest to join as a member or a committee member

Family Matters Parenting Seminars

This is a series of parenting seminars supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. These seminars aim to provide parents with valuable insights to more effective parenting strategies on a range of topics from effective communication with teenagers to walking with them through the stressors of academic rigour. Please see the synopsis of each seminar in the section below;

Details Synopsis

        9am – 12pm, Saturday,           

25 March 2017 @ Greenridge Secondary School, SPARK!


Theme: Communicating with our teens; Finding a connection with them

Are you frustrated that despite your effort to cultivate bonds and deepen relationship with your teen, they remain distant and uncommunicative? In this interactive workshop, we offer insights to the world of teenagers.

Register online at https://goo.gl/forms/n2TpbTOrL1jcLsRW2

            9am – 12pm, Saturday,             

13 May 2017  @ Greenridge Secondary School, SPARK!


Theme: Empowering Your Teen To Be A Champion In Life

Being a champion does not mean winning all the time at all cost. Being a champion means being able to have the inner mental strength and skill to face challenges in life. In this talk, the speaker will discuss the difference between champions and losers. 

Register online at   https://goo.gl/forms/Vobps0yXJSHC5hzo2
         9am – 12pm, Saturday,             
29 July 2017  @ Greenridge Secondary School, SPARK!

Theme:  Enabling And Helping Our Children Overcome The New World Danger

Through this workshop, our speaker will share real life cyber bullying case studies and bring about awareness of the severity and impact of cyber bullying.

Register online at   https://goo.gl/forms/bWThgUJjk0Nuih5H2
          9am – 12pm, Saturday,             
16 Sep 2017  @ Greenridge Secondary School, SPARK!

Theme: Coping with Stress: At home or at school 

Stress is physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. It is a way that our body responds to demands made upon us by the environment and our relationships, and our perceptions of those demands. The solution is to develop our coping skills, to adapt, to change, or to find methods to solve the problem.

Register online at   https://goo.gl/forms/Z4IDwooN0xff8OB62

Please click on the links above to sign up immediately. For more information, please contact our FamilyMatters@School coordinator, Ms Catherine Banton, at 9762 5186 or fms_greenridgesec@yahoo.com

Sports Carnival @ GSS 


720am - 11am, Friday, 24 March 2017

Dear parents, you are invited to participate in the GSS Sports Carnival where you can enjoy a day of fun sporting activities with the GSS family.   Sports Carnival is a school wide event which aims to build school spirit among students and staff through various sports activities. This year we aim to offer a wide range of activities to cater to different interest groups. You could register to take part in the following games, visit any of the fringe activity booths or join us to cheer on our participants. 

Do register to participate in the following games;

1. Zoom!
This is an endurance relay race combined with the concept of a vertical marathon, which takes place around the parade square and the administrative block. Each team will be given 20 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible and the team that completes the most number of rounds win the race. 

2. 100 No NGs
Teams consisting of 8-12 players have to successfully complete a sequence of tasks within 100 seconds. Any failed attempt in between will require the team to restart the game from the 1st station.

3. Key to Success
Players will be paired up and each pair will have their wrists tied together with a paper sash. The goal is to search for the winning item without having the sash broken or torn by ‘chasers’.   It’s a great game to participate with your child. 

4. Sports Games
We will form a combined team of teachers and parents to compete against the students in the various games


      • Basketball: 4 on 4 versus the Sec 1 students
      • Soccer: 6 on 6 versus the Sec 2 students 
      • Ultimate Frisbee: 5 on 5 versus the Sec 3 students
      • Floorball: 5 on 5 versus the Sec 4 students
      • Handball: 4 on 4 versus the Sec 5 students

We will meet at SPARK! room at 715am and then proceed to jon the school for morning assembly and thereafter begin the activities. Please click on the following link to register your interest and we will get in touch with you  www.tinyurl.com/gss-sc-2017-invite
If you have any further queries please contact our teacher-in-charge of the Sports Carnival, Mr Yoong Kang Chien at 6760 1052 or   yoong_kang_chien@moe.edu.sg .

Sports Carnival @ GSS - Photo 01
Sports Carnival @ GSS - Photo 02
Sports Carnival @ GSS - Photo 03