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Principal's Message

It is understandable that many have described the disruptions brought about by COVID-19 in negative terms, given the immense impact. While the world is not out of the woods yet, we can take pride in the way we faced the situation together and managed the changes in our stride. I am grateful to my colleagues, Greenridgeans and their parents, and our community partners, for working hand in hand to keep our school safe, enabling us to continue to provide meaningful learning experiences for Greenridgeans.  

As a school, we pressed on with conversations in envisioning the holistic education that we desire to provide for Greenridgeans, given the changing educational and global landscape. Shaping Character, Nurturing Learners resonates deeply with us as our school Mission as we seek to anchor Greenridgeans in sound values, and develop in them learning dispositions and attributes, to prepare them for the journey ahead. Our school Values - PRIDE (Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Diligence, Empathy) - and our school Motto, From Each His Best, serve to anchor and spur Greenridgeans on as they embrace learning experiences.      

I thank members of our School Advisory Committee for their unstinting support, parents for your partnership, alumni and community partners for collaborating with us in designing rich learning experiences for Greenridgeans. My deep appreciation to colleagues in Greenridge Secondary School for journeying together as one towards realising our school Vision A Caring Community of Inspired Learners.  

To Greenridgeans, continue to seize learning opportunities that come your way, embark on new experiences, discover your strengths and make a positive difference in society.

From Each His Best

Mdm Jessie Koh