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Craft & Technology

The Craft and Technology Department is responsible for 2 different subject areas:

1) Design and Technology and 2) Food and Nutrition.
The Design and Technology Department has staff strength of 4 teachers supported by two Technical Support Officers. The department is led by Ms Ng Huey Lee as Subject Head/C&T. MrBala and Mr Chui are coordinators who help in the running of the D&T department.



Ms Ng Huey Lee
SH / Craft & Technology
Mr Balasubramaniam Rajalakshmi balasubramaniam_rajalakshmi@moe.edu.sg
Mr Chui Fook Weng chui_fook_weng@moe.edu.sg
Mr Chong Chee Nian chong_chee_nian@moe.edu.sg
Ms Sharmini Deenathayalan sharmini_deenathayalan@moe.edu.sg
Mr Sallehuddin Md Yasin sallehuddin_md_yasin@moe.edu.sg
Mr Sasman Mohamed sasman_mohamed@moe.edu.sg


The Food and Nutrition department has staff strength of 4 teachers. The department is led by Ms Ng Huey Lee as Subject Head of Department. The department is also supported by Mdm Sarina Samat and Mdm Raudhah Jumat as the F&N Coordinator.


Ms Raudhah Jumat
F&N Coordinator
Ms Low Zhen Yan Claire low_zhen_yan_claire@moe.edu.sg


Craft and Technology subjects (D&T and F&N) are instrumental for the development and honing of practical real-life solving skills. The students would be equipped with the ability to make sense of knowledge and develop critical and inventive thinking skills for the creation of effective solutions in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment.


The department envisions students to be able to demonstrate the ability to handle authentic-based situation, integrate varied skills such as resource management and evaluation skills and create effective solutions.

Lower Secondary
A two year programme which allows students to harness their innate curiosity to create through design-and-make activities.

Students shall develop:
  • An awareness of design in the made-world;
  • An appreciation of function, aesthetics and technology in design;
  • Basic design thinking and communication skills;
  • Experience the process of realizing design through making; and
  • Think and intervene creatively to become independent decision makers.

Upper Secondary
The five core skills identified in our D&T subject are:

  1. Design Thinking
  2. Drawing Communication
  3. ICT and Presentation Skills 
  4. Technological studies namely, Structures, Mechanisms and Electricity & Electronics 
Material and Processes

The Secondary Three programme consist of the following: 

  1. A design and make activity to develop their design thinking and drawing communication skills
  2. Realisation of their artefact after designing
  3. Use of practical skills in realising their artefact
  4. Theory lessons on the three technological areas to complement their design thinking
  5. Use of ICT such as SolidWorks, Google Sketchup and Microsoft office suite to produce their Presentation boards
  6. Sketching and drawing lessons for effective design communication
  7. Carry out research to support their decision making in designing

  1. Gracious and Dynamic Global Citizens – The department envisions students who will be able to demonstrate a sense of responsibility to share nutritional knowledge with family & the community and stay abreast with new developments in culinary and food technology. Building Character, Nurturing Talents – Through hands-on practical sessions, student-centered and independent learning, we hope to develop our students to be confident, resourceful, discerning and healthy individuals.

Lower Secondary
  1. Food and Consumer Education syllabus
  2. Hands-on cooking practical session
  3. Coursework – Students will be tasked to plan and prepare a food item or dish, by considering and evaluating a situation that embraces one or more areas of the syllabus.
  4. Competitions

Upper Secondary

  1. Food Science and Nutrition syllabus
  2. Hands-on cooking practical session 
  3. Coursework –in-preparation sessions for GCE N and O level examination at Sec 3 level 
  4. Culinary Enrichment workshop for Sec 3 F&N Students 
  5. Competitions 


D&T Programmes Photos 01

D&T Programmes Photos 02


The Upper Secondary students would be proficient in the use of ICT software such as SolidWorks, Google Sketchup and Microsoft office suite to produce the various drawings for their Presentation boards. Students will also participate in competitions to encourage creativity through design and thinking challenges.

  • 2017 Science and Technology Challenge organized by Nanyang Polytechnic
  • 2017 Bull’s Eye Competition organized by Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Champions1. Ang Wei Ning
2. Tiffany Ong Sin Ru
3. Buvaneswar 
1st Runner Up1. Ang Ming Zer
2. Muhammad Norhajid
3. Marvin Tan Dai Wei

  • 2017 Largest Sandwich Competition organized by Keat Hong CC WEC
  • 2017 Halloween Baking Competition- ‘Wickedly Boo-licious” organized by Assumption Pathway School
  • 2016 Cluster West 6 Culinary Competition organized by CW6 Craft & Tech Dept NFS Unit 
  • 2015 Sec 3NA Culinary Enrichment Workshop with Learning Appetite Group – Homemade Chicken burger with Benedict’s Egg
  • 2015 Ice-cream making competition organized by Nanyang Polytechnic
  • 2013 Ichef Competition organized by Republic Polytechnic
  • 2012 Sec 3E Cluster W6 Enrichment Workshop with Olive Leaf Resources – Developing competencies and skills in the preparation of shortcrust pastry and yeast products
  • 009 Junior Chef competition, 1st (Organised by Shatec and Teck Whye Sec)

Cluster W6 2017 Popsicle Bridge Building & Culinary Competitions

On 26 October 2017, the West 6 Cluster organised a Bridge-Building Competition for D & T students and a Culinary Competition for the F & N students.
The D & T students were tasked to design and construct a model bridge using the specifications provided. This allowed students to apply basic physics and maths principles, and experience what it is to be an Engineer, designing a bridge structure to a set of guidelines and then seeing it perform the function to withstand 25 kg during testing.
The F & N students collaborated with their peers from other schools to create a fusion dish that incorporated elements of different cuisines found in Singapore, using only ingredients provided during the competition.
Greenridge emerged 2nd Runners-Up in both the Bridge Building & Culinary Competitions.


Cluster W6 2017 Popsicle Bridge Building (Most Efficient Bridge) Competition


1. Dylan Chia
2. Danial Mirza
3. Masrur Hossen

 Cluster W6 2017 Popsicle Bridge Building (Aesthetics) Competition

 2nd Runner Up

1. Selvam Sivashakthivelan
2. Sng Jia Hao
3. Tan Guan Heng

Cluster W6 2017 Culinary Competition

2nd Runner Up

1. Aqil Shah

Cluster W6 2017 Popsicle Bridge Building & Culinary Competitions - Photos

These students have been an inspiration for others as they have exemplified our school values of Perseverance, Responsibility and Diligence and displayed excellent teamwork in their preparation for the competitions. Greenridge is truly proud of you!

Inter-School Bull’s Eye Competition by Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Inter-School Bull’s Eye Competition by Ngee Ann Polytechnic
2017 Largest Sandwich Making Competition
2017 Largest Sandwich Making Competition
Plating, food garnish and presentations workshop
Plating, food garnish and presentations workshop
Exploring roles of ingredients in food investigation experiments
Exploring roles of ingredients in food investigation experiments







  • 1 homework per week
  • Some assignments would be included for assessment purposes

  • Journal and Coursework
  • Practical work
  • Mock up projects
  • Test and Examinations

  • 1 homework per week
  • Some assignments would be included for assessment purposes

  • Course work
  • Practical work
  • Project-based assignments
  • Test and Examinations