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Our Stories

More Photography Fun!

On the 25th of October, our Secondary 2 Normal (Technical) students had an opportunity to learn about photojournalism as part of their post-exam activities. 

The objectives of the course is for the students to be able to apply their understanding of photojournalism based on the following essential questions:
(i) What is photojournalism and how is it different than photography?
(ii) What makes a good photograph?
(iii) How do I write good captions for the photographs?
(iv) How do I present everything together?

The students were given a task to work in groups to take photographs that reflect drama, action, expression and unusualness. They also have to apply basic photography principles in achieving the right lighting, angles and composition. Tapping on the emergence of new media forms, the students would then integrate their photographs and their captions together to form a final photojournalism piece.

To see more of our students' work, do visit our gallery page.