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Our Stories

Teachers' Workshops with Singapore Media Academy

The teachers in Greenridge Secondary School are committed in looking for more opportunities to develop Greenridgeans to be media literate youths, who are responsible and effective users of the media.

As such, in the months of August and September, teachers from Greenridge Secondary School attended two workshops conducted by Singapore Media Academy on Event Hosting & Emceeing and Broadcast Journalism. 

In the first workshop, the teachers had the pleasure to learn from Trainer Margaret Mary Lim (Maggie) from Class 95FM, who shared the tricks of the trade to be effective presenters and interviewers.

In the second workshop, Trainer Rosmawati Sulaiman, a former TV reporter with Channel NewsAsia, guided the teachers in the intricacies involved in creating a TV news broadcast. In the two days at Singapore Media Academy, the teachers had the opportunity to craft and film their own news casts.

We look forward to new and exciting programmes for 2017!